Process Server

Process Server

Our companies, West Coast Title Search Ltd. And West Coast Process Serving Ltd. are Registry Services providers to lawyers and law firms. We have three locations, Vancouver, New Westminster and Victoria with just under 60 employees.

This position is mostly on the road, with very little office work – but paper work, a valid BC driver's license, along with proficiency with technology, such as cell phones and computers, are requirements of the job. This is definitely not for people who like to stay in one place or who do not like to be out and about in all weather. We would like someone who has at least 3-4 years driving experience and is familiar with both Vancouver and the surrounding suburbs. This is a job for people who enjoy mobility and a change in routine.

Process serving is delivering legal documents to individuals and companies. It requires someone who is confident, persistent, likes a challenge and who is able to exercise initiative. As we are often delivering documents to people at their homes, where they can best be reached outside of regular working hours, process serving work involves evening and weekends. As a Process Server, you are required to adhere to our service standards, be available between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. for phone calls and urgent work and to come into our New West or Vancouver Office daily, at an expected time, to pick up new work and drop off completed work.

Please submit your resume to hr@wcts.com and indicate whether you have a valid B.C. driver’s license.

**Please note, submissions which do not include a resume will not be considered.