New Westminster

Registry Agent

West Coast Title Search was founded in 1969 and remains one of BC's leading Registry Services agencies, providing legal filing services to over 300 law firms. This means we attend at government registries such as the Land Title Office(s) and Court Registries to examine records and file documents. We have over 55 staff in 3 offices, New Westminster, Vancouver and Victoria.

The junior level job we have available at present is in our office in New Westminster (detailed job description follows). The position involves a number clerical tasks as well as answering the telephone and frequent telephone communication with our clients. We require bright personalities and excellent phone skills.

This is a fast paced job where you are kept very busy. You not only have to be able to multi-task in this position but also must have a high degree of accuracy and attention to detail.

There is a lot to learn. Since it will take about 2 months to learn the basics of the job, plus another 6 months to become proficient, we are only interested in people who are motivated, quick to learn and who are looking for a permanent long-term position.

Email your resume to hr@wcts.com

Thank you very much for your interest in this position and in West Coast Title Search Ltd.


Registry Agent: New Westminster

The Registry Agent is a team member of the New Westminster Land and Court Department and as such must work towards fulfilling company goals while meeting or exceeding department standards of performance. The Registration Agent performs a variety of simple to complex clerical tasks under limited supervision, exercising initiative and independent judgment in the performance of assigned tasks.

Typical Duties

Performs some of the duties of the Registry Agent. For example:   

1. Retrieves documents from the various government databases

        -   Files all Court and related documents, electronically or manually
        -   Orders documents from search/invoice requests.   
        -   Obtains imaged documents, microfilmed documents and plans from the LTSA, or NW Court house. 
        -   Draws up invoices for client requests and ensures all information is recorded completely and accurately on the invoice.
        -   Has telephone contact with clients and is able to deal with clients' search queries or concerns in a clear, precise and professional manner.

2. Maintains a thorough knowledge and understanding of registration procedures as outlined in the West Coast Registration Procedure Manual.

3. Maintains a good working knowledge of the Land Title Act and the requirements of the Land Title Office as outlined in the Land Title Practice Manual, and the Land Title Transfer Forms Guidebook.

4. Maintains a thorough knowledge of the Supreme Court rules and the requirements of the various Departments in the Court system related to the filing of documents.

5. Recognizes priorities within the area of registrations and ensures all documents are handled in a timely and efficient manner.

6. Prepares & double-checks filings to be filed by Messengers or subcontractors in outlying Courts and ensures they are handled in a timely and efficient manner.

7. Monitors rush filings and filings, which require further action in LTO, court or Process Serving.

8. Completes invoices from point of origin through billing and complete final double-check.

9. Has telephone contact with clients and is able to deal with clients' queries or concerns in a clear, precise and professional manner.

10. Performs miscellaneous assignments or duties as requested or assigned. (e.g. client runs, message runs, end of day tasks etc.).

Equipment Used

Will be asked to operate standard office equipment such as:

  • Computer
  • Telephone system
  • Photocopier
  • Calculator
  • Plan printer
  • Facsimile machine
  • Typewriter

Job Specifications

Necessary skills and abilities

  • Grade 12 education
  • Clerical speed and accuracy
  • Detail-oriented
  • Ability to work well as a team member but also able to work independently
  • Experience as a Land Title Search Agent
  • Ability to learn quickly and to retain necessary information
  • Ability to exercise independent judgment in solving problems

Additional skills and abilities

  • Self-motivated
  • Professional attitude
  • Flexibility
  • Works well under pressure
  • Interest in extremely detailed work