Corporate Registry services include:

  • searching of company names and files;
  • thorough document examination and filing (paper and online);
  • requests for searches and filings are initiated the day the request is received;
  • national and international contacts to handle your  corporate work outside of British Columbia;
  • an extensive runs system in the Lower Mainland to pick-up and deliver your registry work and a twice daily courier bag from Vancouver to Victoria.

We unconditionally guarantee our work. If you are dissatisfied with our work, we will issue a credit or replace the work.

We stay up-to-date on changing registry requirements and keep you advised through memos and quarterly newsletters. 

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The benefits to having West Coast Title Search be your online filing agent...

West Coast staff have had years of online filing experience. 

Any data entry errors are our responsibility and we will cover all associated costs to have the error fixed. And remember, there are no refunds on the online system. If you file something on hold in error, you not only pay the cost of the initial filing but also any other costs to fix it or re-file it, including any priority fees. If it is West Coast's responsibility, that shouldn't happen...but if it did, it will be our money on the line, not yours.

 E-mail or faxed documentation is often acceptable. For any mandatory online corporate registrations (Transition, Notice of Alteration, Incorporation, Amalgamation, Continuation), all we need is a faxed or emailed document - we don't need the original. Once we have your document, we will file it and disburse on your behalf, fax confirmation and return your certified copies all for the flat fee of $40. Our fee for accompanying registrations for the same company is $25 each. Our fee for corporate filings (Notice of Change of Address, Notice of Change of Directors, Annual Report) is $8.00 each.


Corporate/PPR Search Definitions
Restoration Forms and Information


Corporate Registry forms available in PDF format
Corporate Registry disbursements